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About... this.. I could make up just about anything I want to here.. I could say I was related to the King of Siam, or had some Kennedy blood in me veins... but I won't.

The Monkey Shines link will be to whatever I'm in the mood for today. It was links to old movies I liked, then it was a poll about the Mexican Wall.. Tomorrow it'll be something else.. maybe not.

a sidenote to hacker bots... this isn't a Wordpress site so trying to get WP-ADMIN won't turn up anything of interest.

Make The Monkey Dance is about me getting back to enjoying the Internet the way I enjoyed it in the '90s, and programming the way I enjoyed it in the '80s. There's no real objective - I'm just having fun creating some code. I'm a throwback coder from before the days it was refered to as 'coding'. We were 'programmers'. I worked in Assembler, C, etc. You know, the languages that everyone hated so the field wasn't nearly as proliferated as it is today. Damn you higher level languages. Geez, I remember caring about how much memory my data structures took up. We're talking Kilos... not Megs, Gigs, Or Teras...

One day I thought it would be fun to hook up one of those old cymbol clanging monkeys to a web site where people could come in, press a button, and watch the monkey dance via remote video feed... easy enough with a live video feed, and a system that would respond to user input like a txt file with a single line of 1s and 0s ( 0x11001011 ) that another remote machine could read via http and, in turn, enable and disable a relay that would power the monkey... Arduino? Who needs Arduino? :) ( I actually like the whole Arduino concept ).

Me and a friend got drunk one night talking for hours about all the weird stuff we'd hook up to this thing... Bourbon is the poison of choice these days.

It never did get built, but I did register the domain name... :)

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