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One of my favorite sites on the Internet is

From early on I was interested in finding 'public domain' content - that's content ( movies, books, etc. ) that is no longer, or never was, protected by U.S. copyright. Without getting into detail most content publish prior to 1924 is considered public domain. That date was 1923 for over a decade due to the Sonny Bono extention act - which an aweful lot of people resented as it mainly protected large corporate interests like Disney, FOX, MGM, and major motion picture companies.

One of the great sections is the audio area. There's a HUGE collection of Grateful Dead live recordings there.

Grateful Dead Live at Dane County Coliseum on 1973-02-15 by Grateful Dead
Publication date 1973-02-15 / Topics Live concert / Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead / Resource DeadLists Project

Some of my favorites items:

Duck and Cover by Archer Productions, Inc.
Publication date 1951 / Usage Public Domain
Topics Atomic-nuclear: Civil defense, Animation
Digitizing sponsor U.S. Federal Civil Defense Administration


About Bananas by Castle Films
Publication date 1935 /Usage Public Domain
Topics Agriculture: Bananas, Central America
Digitizing sponsor United Fruit Company

I've spent hundreds of hours looking through the archives. It's even got one of the best horror movies of all time:

George Romero's original Night Of The Living Dead.

This movie has an interesting history as it entered the public domain on first showing as they neglected to put the copyright notice on the film. I'm of the opinion that had the film not been public domain, it would not have been shown as much as it was on TV and wouldn't have achieved that classic cult status that it has. It's considered my many to be the "godfather" of zombie films. Romero himself thought of the film as making a social statement - a black protagonist wasn't often featured and he was certainly the smartest of the bunch - if it hadn't been for the sheriff confusing him for a zombie in the end scene... such a tragic ending.

This silm spawned the infamous line: " They're coming to get you, Barbara"... spoken by Johnnie to his sister Barbara in a Boris Karloff like tone.


Link to Night Of the Living Dead - HD version available.

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