An Introduction to POF ( Plenty Of Fish )

POF is one of the top free dating sites. Because it's free, it attracts... everyone and everything.

I first joined when someone I'd been chatting with online recommended it. In those days, the photos you uploaded carried the blue "Plenty Of Fish" logo. ( if you see a blue logo on current photos, they're at least 8 years old ).

At that time, the terms "catfish", "fatfish", and others hadn't been invented. People were a little more cautious about dating online than they are today, and most of it was all about "hooking up" ( ie: sex ).

POF had a great feature called "chat" at that time. You could also look up members by name, and see who "liked" you without paying.

The "chat" feature allowed you to pop up a chat window on another user's computer screen. You remember... most likely Windows 95 or 98.. You'd hear the little noise and you started chatting. It was really fun and you could get into all sorts of curious chats immediately. It was really surprising to find out how many women wanted to jump right into sex chat.

It took me a while to acclimate to this new environment. I lived near a bunch of bars and restaurants and would go out into the "hit or miss" world of trying to meet people while out, but this online dating was far more direct.

After a month or so I was chatting with a woman who lived about 45 minutes away. She wasn't super hot, but not a troll. The conversation was pleasant enough and she asked to meet. I said "sure". She agreed to drive to me and meet at a nearby Denny's. We talked, had some food... it lasted about an hour.

I walked her to her car. We sat in her car and things heated up quickly. Let's just say if anyone were watching we might have been arrested for indecent exposure. At the end I smiled, walked home, and we never spoke again. Welcome to the world of POF.. :)