My Online Dating Experiences

At the time I created this page I was a 55 year old white male.

I was married for 17 years and for all the same reasons you've heard before I got divorced. Just fill in the blanks - the reason isn't important - the fact that I'm divorced and dating is what these pages are about.

Through my separation, I'd bar hopped a little. I'd meet women here and there, but never even exchange a number. I'd also chatted only a few times. Back in those days there were "chats". I didn't do online dating until a bit later.

It was during one of these online chats - the kind of chat where I'm basically looking for an ear to make sense of my divorce so who better to ask then a divorced women?

This was also the time when something called "cyber sex" was a new novelty and I'd been invited to participate a few times. No harm, no foul I think.

It was all new to me. One women I chatted with introduced me to POF ( Plenty Of Fish ), and online dating website. I approached it with caution as the divorce wasn't final, but the paperwork was in motion.

This was around 2007/2008 if I remember. I was still in my 40s. I found out quickly that this was a diverse group of people all with different needs. For those in their 40s, it seemed to mostly be about sex. My memories may not be exact, but close enough for rock 'n roll.

These pages are a work in progress and I'll add to them as I feel motivated.