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  2. One Simple Idea That Explains Why the Economy Is in Great Danger - The New York Times (3) What happens when a major section of machinery that is supposed to run perpetually suddenly grinds to a halt We are about to find out.
  3. Convincing Boomer Parents to Take the Coronavirus Seriously The New Yorker (6) COVID-19 poses a unique threat to an age group that whether they admit it or not includes them.
  4. Alan Sepinwall Best Shows to Binge in Coronavirus Quarantine - Rolling Stone (9) Rolling Stone TV critic Alan Sepinwalls list of the best shows to watch while quarantined during the coronavirus crisis
  5. Before Trumps inauguration a warning The worst influenza pandemic since 1918 - POLITICO (12) Rolling Stone TV critic Alan Sepinwalls list of the best shows to watch while quarantined during the coronavirus crisis ...
  6. Authors list the books they might finally read in quarantine - Los Angeles Times (15) Including Lawrence Block E.M. Forster Dostoyevsky and lots of Middlemarch
  7. The Coronavirus Crisis Is Showing Us How to Live Online - The New York Times (18) Weve always hoped that our digital tools would create connections not conflict. We have a chance to make it happen.
  8. Were not going back to normal - MIT Technology Review (21) Social distancing is here to stay for much more than a few weeks. It will upend our way of life in some ways forever.
  9. Is It Ethically OK to Order Delivery During a Pandemic WIRED (24) People are being encouraged to stay home to avoid exposure to the coronavirus. Should they ask others to bring them food
  10. Lessons From Italys Hospital Meltdown. Every Day You Lose the Contagion Gets Worse. - WSJ (27) The coronavirus is pushing a wealthy region with high-tech health care toward a humanitarian disaster a warning for the U.S. and other developed count
  11. Coronavirus How to protect your mental health - BBC News (30) Advice on protecting your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak.
  12. Inside the UNMC Coronavirus Quarantine Center - Nebraska Medical Center Coronavirus Update (33) The people who work at the nations only federal quarantine and biocontainment centerare as courageous as you think they are.
  13. TikTok Told Moderators Suppress Posts by the Ugly and Poor (36) The China-based social media company also has policies censoring various forms of political speech leaked documents reveal.
  14. Coronavirus Is Hiding in Plain Sight - The New York Times (39) For every known case of coronavirus another five to 10 cases are out there undetected a new study suggests.
  15. The Infuriating Story of How the Government Stalled Coronavirus Testing GQ (42) How one young doctor at a Seattle lab tried to get out in front of the coronavirus crisis by inventing his own test. And why the absurdity of his stru
  16. How social distancing for coronavirus could cause a loneliness epidemic - Vox (45) We need to take both social distancing and the social recession it will cause seriously.
  17. 25 Movies and the Magazine Stories That InspiredThem (48) A selection of 25 successful article-to-film adaptations that made it all the way to the box office.
  18. The family lockdown guide how to emotionally prepare for coronavirus quarantine World news The Guardian (51) What can parents and children do to survive self-isolation and each other
  19. Hot chocolate is wasted on children The Outline (105) There are so few legal not self-destructive adult-only indulgences. This should be one.
  20. How Climate Change Is Transforming Florida (270) Growing up in South Florida Rahawa Haile was constantly surrounded by the states beauty and eccentricty. Now traveling through the Florida Keys to Dry
  21. Peoples fears about vaccines arent just about vaccines. (321) The anti-vaccine movement understood through the lens of moral foundations theory.
  22. Unraveling the Enigma of Reason Scott H Young (474) If human reason is so powerful why are we the only animals to possess it If it is so useful why do we use it so badly A new idea unravels the mystery.
  23. Japanese Fasting Study Reveals Complex Metabolic Changes in the Human Body (537) Scientists just discovered 30 compounds the human body produces during fasting.
  24. Why some Japanese pensioners want to go to jail - BBC News (555) Japan is in the grip of an elderly crime wave. Poverty and loneliness are two of the possible causes.
  25. Can Moral Licensing Explain Sexual Misconduct (639) Oscar Wilde the famed Irish essayist and playwright had a gift among other things for counterintuitive aphorisms. In The Soul8230
  26. How to Travel the World Without Leaving the United States (741) Anya von Bremzen discovers that you dont have to go too far from home to experience one of the planets most diverse communities.
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