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  2. How to Travel the World Without Leaving the United States (741) Anya von Bremzen discovers that you dont have to go too far from home to experience one of the planets most diverse communities.
  3. Pierre Bonnard at the Tate the surprising reasons we love art (915) A London exhibition of the French post-impressionist painter is an opportunity to examine what it is that fascinates us about art itself.
  4. How Not to Care When People Dont Like You (1020) At one point during high school I found out that my friends didnt like me. One of the girls in my group told me I wasnt invited to a birthday party
  5. How to Find Time Scott H Young (1146) Time is scarce. Your attention energy and enthusiasm are even scarcer. Heres how to find time when you dont feel you have a moment to spare.
  6. The miracle mineral the world needs - BBC Future (1278) You cant grow crops without phosphorus. To get it farmers often rely on expensive frequently unavailable fertiliser. But there could be a better and
  7. How to Cultivate Mental Stamina Scott H Young (1311) Being able to sustain focus is a key to success in work and study. Heres how you can increase your mental stamina with these five strategies.
  8. Rainfall Ventures (1504) Rainfall is a founder focused venture capital fund based in New York City. We partner with teams to change industries worldwide.
  9. After the Coronavirus What Happens to the TV Industry (1549) The entire TV business has come to a halt because of the coronavirus pandemic and nobody has the slightest notion when or how it will start up again.
  10. The Freewheeling Copyright-Infringing World of Custom-Printed Tees WIRED (1552) Print-on-demand companies allow anyone to upload designs for T-shirts mugs and other items. But many images violate intellectual property rights.
  11. Fun Delivered Worlds Foremost Experts on Whoopee Cushions and Silly Putty Tell All Collectors Weekly (1555) caption idattachment_82071 alignalignnone width600 Stan and Mardi Timm show off Johnson Smith novelties theyve collected. Stan wears X-Ray Spe...
  12. The Expat English Teachers Murderous Triangle (1861) They seemed like fun-loving foreigners living it up in Taiwan. But below the surface was a gruesome story.
  13. The political case for more free time The Outline (1915) Some people are burnt out while others are simply exploited. We can organize around the shared interest of making our free time actually free.
  14. The DDOS attack on the American consciousness The Outline (2119) The unrelenting Trump-driven news cycle has overwhelmed our fragile minds
  15. Is it Safe to Eat Snow Outside Online (2401) A snowstorm is an all-you-can-eat buffet. Heres how to make those meals safe.
  16. Home Studio Setup How to Set Up a Recording Studio at Home - Rolling Stone (2452) Recording and mixing a decent track at home is now as simple as acquiring a couple key pieces of equipment and a little space on your desk.
  17. What the meat paradox reveals about moral decision making - BBC Future (2767) Many people eat factory-farmed meat while also abhorring animal cruelty. How do we reconcile these two facts
  18. How to Find New Music Youll Actually Like (2821) Some people can dig up great music like magic or have friends inside the industry who keep them updated. Others are perfectly content with their weekl
  19. What Six-Toed Cats Tell Us About Genetic Development Literary Hub (6386) Sailors once believed that six-toed cats could bring good luck on ships. These so-called mitten cats were thought to make better mousers because their
  20. What to Stream Classics for Comfort While Quarantined Against the Coronavirus The New Yorker (6389) Im turning to movies serious enough for the mood compelling enough to provide ready distraction and confident enough to look beyond the troubles that
  21. Are Hospitals Near Me Ready for Coronavirus Here Are Nine Different Scenarios. ProPublica (6395) Im turning to movies serious enough for the mood compelling enough to provide ready distraction and confident enough to look beyond the troubles that
  22. Dwight Yoakam Has Some Stories to Tell GQ (6398) An intimate night of conversation and tunes with the hard-charging mile-a-minute pioneer of honky-tonk himself.
  23. The story behind the split of Tom Brady Bill Belichick and the Patriots (6401) Its finally official Tom Brady will not be forever a Patriot. But in reality the quarterbacks split with New England can be traced back much further t
  24. Dont Expect Mayors to End the Tax-Incentive Arms Race - CityLab (6443) U.S. mayors are split on whether business incentives are good politics but most believedespite evidence to the contrarythat theyre good policy.
  25. How the Brains Inner GPS Creates Conceptual Spaces in the Mind (6629) The brain may represent concepts in the same way that it represents space and your location by using the same neural circuitry for8230
  26. Why You Should Work Less and Spend More Time on Hobbies (6980) Creative pursuits will open up new perspectives and boost your confidence.
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