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United Kingdom

I made this page to see how to intergrate M3U8 videos streams into a web page. Most smart phones do this natively, but browsers like the one I'm using on Ubuntu did not.

The player is Video JS - https://videojs.com/

The IPTV files come from https://github.com/Free-IPTV/

Video JS has a lot of features I'm just now learning but I've accomplished the main goal of being able to click the links and have them play.

View the source to see how it's done.

Copyright notice: These streams are obtained from publicly accessible Internet locations.

No media content is hosted or served from this server.

All media content streams directly from the official content sources.

In short, bitching about this page won't get the stream turned off.

The list of streams is obtained from: https://github.com/Free-IPTV/

All links are publicly available via Google.

ie: nothing illegal going on here. Get over yourself.

A Few Notes From Our Customers:

  • J. Reynolds in Seattle, Washington: I didn't get a million hits, but I got a few hundred visitors - 2 even bought products... worth the 5 bucks.
  • F. Swanson in Savannah, Georgia:Thanks for the traffic! It helped me get my site up and running.
  • S. Sizemore in Houston, Texas: ... did ok - got more traffic on the third day. Paying with Zelle was a little wierd, but it was only $5 so what the heck. Will use again.

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