Youtube Has BANNED George Romero's Night Of The Living Dead

Youtube Has  BANNED 'Night Of The Living Dead'

( Scroll Down To Watch Nignt Of The Living Dead - Right Here! - It's NOT BANNED on MMD! )

Youtube has stated in several emails that the classic public domain horror flick 'Night Of The Living Dead' can no longer be uploaded to Youtube. Despite several attempts at clarification Youtube has declined to elaborate on the reasoning behind this. Other less widely know videos ( ones I've made in the kitchen ) have not suffered a similar fate.

Here is a recent image of banned attempts to upload the classic George Romero zombile thriller:

Night Of The Living Dead BANNED on Youtube


In messages received from Youtube regarding the matter, there was some suggestion that this was an ERROR on the side of their AI implementation over 'Community Guidelines'.

The removal took place within minutes of being uploaded. Following the tone and implication of a Youtube AI error, a 2nd attempt was made to upload the movie with similar results, and equal lack of response from Youtube.

Here is their initial response regarding the removal of 'Night of the Living Dead':

On Sat, Apr 11, 2020 at 10:23 AM <> wrote:

Hi ***,

I appreciate you getting back to me with that screenshot, it helped to clarify what was happening.

And I would also like to thank you for patiently waiting for me to investigate on why your video was removed.

We’re taking the steps needed to prioritize the well-being of our employees, extended workforce, and the communities where they live. These efforts may include reducing staffing at certain sites that could potentially affect our responsiveness.

During this challenging time, our automated systems will start removing some content without human review. This effort is so that we can continue to act quickly to remove offending content and protect our ecosystem.

As our systems review more content, you may see more videos removed, including some videos that might not violate YouTube Community Guidelines. We won't issue strikes for this content except where we have high confidence that it’s a violation. If you think that your content was removed in error, you can appeal the decision.

Keep in mind our workforce precautions may result in delayed appeal reviews as well. Sometimes, unreviewed content may not be available via search, on the homepage, or in recommendations.

We’re sorry for these disruptions, but we appreciate your patience. We know we’re doing the right thing for the people who work to keep YouTube safe and for the broader community. To stay up-to-date on any changes in these services and our response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), please continue to check the YouTube Help Center.

If you have any other question or concern, please feel free to reply back.

Stay safe and take care.



A follow up from Youtube was even less information in regards to both movie removals. Here, they suggest that the removal can be 'appealed', however, there was never a 'strike' issued, nor does any 'appeal' options exist where the Youtube rep claimed it should be found. This is indicative of Youtube's representitive's inability to answer questions or support publishers in an effective method.

Here's the follow up:

On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 12:01 AM <> wrote:

Hi ***,

Thanks for writing back.  

I really appreciate your interest, but unfortunately I do not have any more information at this point. We have already shared all the details in my previous email.

I am happy to sum it up one more time though:  If you feel that there was a mistake, you can appeal

Should you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



What's common in both messages is:

#1: No attempt to directly address the question about the upload
#2: Each message refers to a 'appeal' process that does not exist.

Appeals only exist when a 'strike' occurs. In each case, no 'strike' was issued which is mentioned in their messages in the case where no strike is issued.

The first email eludes to a system glitch. Facebook had a similar glitch a few weeks back where if people linked to news stories containing the word 'cornonavirus' their posts were getting removed. This seems similar, however, the human operating the email from Youtube's side clearly has no interest in addressing the issue and is unwilling to offer any meaningful resolution.

While I do realize we are all going through Corona Virus issues, these workers still have a job to do and taking time to blantantely ignore direct questions seems to  be a great waste of time and resources on Google/Youtube's end.

However, 'NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD' is NOT BANNED on Make The Monkey Dance... so... for your horrific viewing displeasure... we proudly present George Romero's endearing story of young love in a graveyard.. 


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