Pandemonium At The Grocery Store

Pandemonium At The Grocery Store


It's a little hard to imagine but in March, in New Jersey, the Middletown Shoprite is packed. It's full of shoppers scrambling for supplies to survive a perceived level of scarcity.

Rolls of paper towels, bottles of water, but the even more surprising carts full of junk food, soda, perishable food like eggs and meat, and just about anything.

For me, I grabbed a 1/2 gallon of orange juice, and a coffee from Dunkin'. The stores WILL remain open, the supplies are NOT running out. But, like other articles have mentioned, people are people and feel the urge to hoard during this global pandemic.

While some cities, like Asbury Park, and Red Bank, had already rolled out local restaurant and bar closings, this morning the entire tri state area is adopting the same rules. We can't go to happy hour, or sit down at our favorite pizza parlour. Today IS the final day so I do plan to get at least one "quarantini" tonight at the bar next door - but that'll be that.

People do know their priorities. The local Bottle King was getting slammed, and running out of products. I'm expecting that people will have "Pandemic" parties, defeating the purpos of social distancing... but it's just how humans think.

Even I will be delivering some groceries to some people I know. On the upside, I could make a small fortune making grocery store runs for people... but.. I swear what I'm looking at now in this Shoprite - hundreds of people waiting in lines, handling their carts in bare hands, and no cart wipes left, leads me conjure images of Pieter Bruegel's "The Triumph of Death".... Enjoy Your Day! :)

Martial Law? I've been hearing rumours of a possible national martial law. I would imagine that's to keep looting to a minimum, and make sure people observe the guidances from the CDC. Whether this comes to pass is to be seen. Keep in mind that these are just rumours.

Triump Of Death - Wikipedia

ps: I just don't get the whole bottled water hoarding thing. There's this invention: a handle that, when pulled, magically produces potable, clean water. It's in most kitchens and bathrooms already.

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