How To Get Unlimited Internet, Phone, and TV for $30 per month

How To Get Unlimited Internet, Phone, and TV for $30 / mo.

It seems most people have been complaining over the past few years of rediculously priced services - often over $200/mo or more in non competitive areas.

This is how I get everything for only $30 a month.

Step 1: Get a cell phone service that offers unlimited data. I use Metro PCS. I get the "Unlimited High Speed" account which includes Amazon Prime for FREE. I have 4 phones, which brings the cost down to $30 per month for each line. If you only want a single line, it's still only $60 a month, which is WAY LESS than $200 per month. When you switch, get a SAMSUNG Android phone. They're usually FREE with a new account. I have the Galaxy J7

Step 2: Hook you phone to your smart TV, or, if your tv isn't smart, buy a $30 ROKU stick. ( a one time purchase ). From the 'settings' drop down on your phone ( see image ), you'll see 'Smart View'. Click that and link it to your Smart TV, or your ROKU ( whichever you have ). Now, whatever you see on your phone appears on your TV. Since you have unlimited streaming, with many cell phone providers, you can now watch TV from your phone.

Step 3: What about Internet? While you've probably figured out you can use your phone for Internet, you probably didn't know you can connect a standard USB or Blue Tooth keyboard and mouse to your phone. Let's face it - most people don't use a full blown home computer or laptop anymore as most of what people do online is watch videos, do social media, or other 'online' activities. Just about any 'app' you're used to, such as 'Office', has an online version that's more than adequate. If you still need your laptop or PC, then you can always 'hotspot' through the phone, although this is a limited service so use it sparingly.

External Antenna: You can also get 100% FREE tv just using a simple set of 'rabbit ears' ( small indoor antenna ) or, to get more channels, install an outdoor antenna on your roof. If your HOA gives you crap, just show them the Federal law that prevents them from doing anything about it. It's called OTARD ( Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule ).

Services: There are PLENTY of online services offering free TV. Some are listed here but there are hundreds more:

I'll add more links here as I find them. I'm sticking to LEGAL, and FREE sources ( some require signup ).

A few people who are accustomed to traditional cable will have a hard time making the switch. Sure, things will be 'different', but your viewing choices are multiplied by a million. Personally, I HATE what cable companies are doing. I was at a friend's place who has FIOS. Turn it on? They push a paid movie ad in your face. Go through the channel guide? Same thing. Ads in your face. It's terrible. Plus, the guide doesn't indicate of you've subscribed to a channel or not. I was amazed FIOS asked me to subscribe to a channel showing old Westerns. Good thing I had my Samsung - I just watched what I wanted online.

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